Prisha Dawn – A disgraced MMA fighter, is reduced to fighting in underground brawls in Mumbai, India. The fighter quickly discovers how forced prostitution is weaved into the mix and finds herself at odds with a local madam who will kill as many people as necessary to keep the status quo.  Written by Jakari Jackson with art by Francesco Conte. Prisha Dawn is available via iBooks, DriveThru Comics, and Comixology.

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Chosen Few – A comedy about how morals and a successful entertainment career rarely co-exists. Written by Jakari Jackson with art by J.C. Grande.

Daydreams – A children’s story about a boy who uses his overactive imagination to make sense of life. Written by Jakari Jackson with art by Marco Zucchetta. Daydreams is available via iBooks, Amazon, DriveThru Comics, and Comixology.

Rudos Revolucion


Rudos Revolución – A family in Sinaloa, Mexico steals weapons from the U.S. government to combat cartels. Can the Rudos family survive long enough to see their plan through? Written by Jakari Jackson with art by Francisco Muñoz. Rudos Revolución is available via iBooks, and DriveThru Comics.

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Chosen Few

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