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Daydreams #2

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Mongoose on a Helicopter - Kari has been so busy telling stories and playing with action figures he forgot to study for his test. Luckily, one of his favorite heroes comes to the rescue.

Ghost Ride The Whip - Rosie gets her drivers license. But, her lack of patience comes back to haunt her.


Story - Jakari Jackson / Art - Marco Zucchetta

Story - Jakari Jackson / Art - Marco Zucchetta

Nowhere, Oklahoma - The Jackson family visits their oldest daughter in Nowhere, OK. Kari’s friend Leon tags along but is more interested in making moves on Angela then spending time with Kari.

Daddy Time - Daddy invests quality time teaching Kari to be a man. 

Middle Management - When Frazier fails to make the winning score for his football team the other boys are angry with him. Coach lectures the team to make preparations beyond sports or they’ll dwell in the land of middle management later in life. The only problem is that the boys don’t know what middle management is.

Daydreams #1

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